3 easy secrets to doing your own PR for emerging artists on Fresh & Bold

3 easy secrets to DIY arts PR success

As an emerging artist, writer or filmmaker, getting a mention in the press and blogs is one of the greatest ways to reach a larger audience. But laying the groundwork for it yourself can give you headaches and many get caught in the same pitfalls. Fret not, here are a few pointers that could make a …

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Pitching your art - advice on FreshandBold

Pitching: You’re doing it wrong.

Yes, you are. The most common mistake that artists (and most people, I’m not profiling here) make when it comes to getting their work out there, comes from a very simple truth: Most of us act out of personal interest. In your case, this means two things: First, the majority of people primarily care about what others can …

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We’re moving!

This is simply a short notice to let everyone know of the new exciting chapter for Fresh&Bold. After a long absence while I was preparing everything in the background, I am very excited to announce that the blog is now moving to http://freshandbold.co.uk and resume activity with more regular advice for artists, writers and filmmakers. Talent Tuesday is …

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10 tips to get your manuscript submission through the slush pile - advice for authors on Fresh & Bold

10 Things You Must Know About the Slush Pile

After going through my fair share of manuscripts from the slush pile of a literary agency in the last few months, I thought it was time to share some of my regular thoughts on how to increase your odds of getting a callback. Besides, of course, actually being a great writer with a great story …

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A mural in LA as part of the 'Overthrone: Pooring Reign' project © Cyrcle - Fresh and Bold

Cyrcle – Overthrone: Pooring Reign

Last night, I went to the opening for the Overthrone: Pooring Reign exhibition by the Cyrcle art collective at the StolenSpace Gallery in London. And their first UK exhibition is most definitely worth a look – especially if, like me, you have a soft spot for socially engaged creativity. Through their work for this exhibition, …

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